Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Independence Day Manicure!!

Independence Day means a lot to me this year... seems we're losing our rights as Americans more and more every day... it really is time to turn that around!!

With that being said... it's my opinion, and in this grand country I have my right to say it... that's one of the things that is great about America!

On to the manicure!!
My daughter showed me an awesome manicure she found on Pinterest and I wanted to try to replicate it but I absolutely stink at freehand stars! I decided just to use the basic idea and do what I could... it's all my own and I love it!

These are the products I used... I love each one! They work very well ....

Basic Manicure products
For the Basic manicure I used 3 coats of Finger Paints in "Where Art Renoir?" on my thumbs. I used 3 coats of  Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear in 'Pucker Up'  on my index and middle fingers & I used 3 coats of 'Royal Rage' on my ring fingers and pinkies, I coated everything with Jet Dry by Kiss (one of my absolute favorite quick dry top coats!) and after that was cured I put a layer of Wet-n-Wild Matte top coat on every nail.

Artwork Products

For the artwork I started out with Sally Hanson Hard as Nails in 'Hard to Get' and a fan brush for the stripes on my red... then used a tiny bit on a sponge to 'distress' the blue.... and dug stars out of this for the my blue field too...

Sinful Colors
'Star Blast-Off'
I layered everything in Jet dry again. Then I used a buffing block to knock the edges off my stars and Jet Dried those again. I used thick coats to make sure the stars stayed.

For the Fireworks on my thumbs I stamped an image from BundleMonsters plate BM-H14 using Wet-n-Wild in 'Metallica' ... My nails are long enough I had to stamp half of them at a time to get good coverage. I coated this with Jet Dry to make the image pop.... I did not matte coat these.

I hope you enjoy my Independence Day Mani as much as I am!! I hope you and yours have a tremendously blessed day celebrating your Freedom!!

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